The Trust was formed from the desire to be better than we were yesterday, to be free to make autonomous decisions that remained in the best interest of the young people, staff and service users and the desire to buy into and support the political educational landscape in school improvement.

We have never been shy to change and innovate.  We have always wanted to provide a better solution than the last and so leadership, staff and governance interpreted the vision of a better future for all into reality.

Our trustees were invited specifically to lead the change because of their individual expertise and talents, but also because of their strong moral compass.

It takes a certain degree of toughness, stubbornness and individuality to lead an organisation like this one.  You need to be able to see and feel each of the stories of our young people, but detach yourself enough to make the best decision regardless of the individual.  There is no majority in ACE.  By that, I mean issues of abuse, child protection, youth crime, domestic violence, death, loss and financial and social deprivation and mental health and welfare are not in the minority.  Once we got the group at the top with the vision right, the rest fell into place.

In truth the trust is still forming, we are very young, only standing up as a MAT since June 1st.  The values of the staff and leadership is not new though.  The characteristics needed to move forward the goals of the trust are inherent in all of us at ACE.  We are lucky to have found trustees who fit in with the values and can interpret the vision in the next five years at trust level.

The Future

ACE is an ambitious organisation where change is constant, positive and often rapid.  In September 2016, Sarah shared the vision for the next twelve months with all staff.