Vision and values

Vision and Values

We stand for excellence in education, uncompromising professionalism and solution-focused support, with our pupils at the heart of everything we do

ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust will be a leading organisation in delivering uncompromising educational support and services for primary, secondary and specialist education academies across the UK. Creating the widest connected network of strategic professionals to serve our academies with insight and knowledge for the inclusive advancement of education delivery and best practice. We will provide universal high quality education and life opportunities for all children and young people, whilst providing unrivalled career development pathways for staff¬ and training the education leaders of the future.

Mission Statement: ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust supports all children and young people, head teachers, school staff¬, parents, stakeholders and the wider communities they are part of. We form a supportive and collaborative network that allow our academies to run more efficiently, share best practice, attract, train and retain the best teachers whilst focussing on delivering equal opportunities for all children irrespective of background and circumstance.

Our specialist professionals provide a commercial engine that supports the demands of running an academy, seeking new opportunities to benefit staff and students alike. Our approach enables academies to deliver the best education and provide exciting career opportunities for all staff. This allows the academy to become more effective and efficient, instilling best practice as we deliver the highest value by return.

Our Values


  1. Organisational development
  2. Raising profile with partners
  3. Calibre of leadership
  4. Finance and commercial management
  5. Moral outcomes


  1. Colourworks staff development
  2. Coaching culture established
  3. Progressive research culture
  4. Greenhousing young talent
  5. Holistic wrap around support as needed by pupils
  6. Schools, generosity, share own learning to schools, organisation, parents and pupils


  1. Pursue solution irrespective of finance/time cost
  2. Genuine solution focussed approach across school, humble in the pursuit of any solution
  3. Solution focussed coaching
  4. Increased Emotional Intelligence
  5. Staff more empowered through development


  1. Ofsted outcomes
  2. Academic outcomes compared to National Data
  3. Masters level research
  4. Growth of organisation in terms of staff and budget
  5. Establishment of new provision
  6. Autonomy, influence, integrity, challenge and purpose
  7. Respect for another leaders journey

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